Company Profile

Nanjing Nature Bio-Tech Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise under Dahaigui Life Science Co., Ltd focusing on the research, production and sales of feed additives. Its main business is the production and sale of plant oil extracts such as phytosterols, natural vitamin E, and plant squalene, and is one of the major global producers of phytosterols.


Nanjing Nature Bio-Tech Co., Ltd is based on the feed industry, focusing on product research, production and sales of natural active substances such as phytosterols in the field of animal production. Through cooperation with agricultural colleges and universities, according to the requirements and characteristics of animal production and feed processing, the company has continued to research on the formulation, post-processing, application methods and application effects of natural active substances such as phytosterols, and developed safe, efficient and environmentally friendly functional feed additive products, and is a leading enterprise in the application research of phytosterol feed additives in the world.