Overseas Sales Manager


Minimum education:

Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:

Working area:

Job Responsibilities:

1、Responsible for the sales of the company's feed additives products in overseas markets;

2、Participate in foreign exhibitions and visit customers abroad physically on a regular basis according to the plan;

3、Find foreign cooperation agencies (distributors, etc.), analyze the specific situation of different countries and propose corresponding sales strategies.

Position requirements:

1, majoring in animal science, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, international trade and other related majors, with college degree or above;

2、At least 2 years of overseas sales experience, feed or additives industry preferred;

3、Excellent foreign language listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to communicate with foreign customers without obstacles.

4、Ability to adapt to short-term foreign travel.


Job offer:

Basic salary for the position + income from stable customer sources given by the company + performance commission;

Holiday benefits + 13 salaries + year-end bonus;

Providing transportation accident insurance + social insurance + housing fund;

Double weekends + legal holidays + annual medical check-ups + annual trips;


We invite you to join us as soon as possible, please send your resume and expected monthly salary, expected work location and other information to.

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